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Our Concrete Restoration Services

Concrete RestorationConcrete Staining


How can we help you?

If you are located in the Yorba Linda CA and surrounding area and your concrete is:

  • Old
  • Cracked
  • Ugly
  • Worn
  • Stained
  • Uneven
  • Discolored
  • White from hard water deposits
  • The wrong color for its surroundings

In the past, when a concrete patio or driveway started to show serious signs of aging, using a jackhammer or bringing in a bulldozer were the only repair options. Today there are more practical alternatives.

Polymer-based cement resurfacers and Concrete Stains are formulated to transform cracked, spalled, weatherworn concrete to like-new condition.

Besides patios and driveways, overlay concrete and stains can be used to resurface concrete stairs, sidewalks, garage floors, and most vertical surfaces.


Restore Outdoor Concrete

Restore concrete by staining it or resurfacing it with an overlay to bring new life to your home or yard. Whether you want to improve the look of your patio, or cover up cracks in your driveway, resurfacing is a great option for outdoor concrete.

Choose the surface you desire to transform.

We will provide our top-quality services to add value by providing:

  • Concrete Staining - Stains for concrete come in two general categories: acid-based chemical stains and water-based acrylics.
    • Acid stains are a mixture of water, hydrochloric acid and acid-soluble metallic salts. They work by penetrating the surface and reacting chemically with the hydrated lime (calcium hydroxide) in the concrete. The acid in the stain lightly etches the surface, allowing the metallic salts to penetrate more easily. Once the stain reacts, it becomes a permanent part of the concrete and won't fade, chip off or peel away. The palette for acid-etch staining is generally limited to earthy tones, such as tans, browns, terra cottas and soft blue-greens.
    • Water-based stains (typically a blend of acrylic polymers and pigments) penetrate the concrete to produce permanent color, ranging from translucent to opaque depending on the product.
    • Both types of stain can be applied to new or old and plain or integrally colored concrete. Because they penetrate the concrete surface, stains have excellent UV stability and wear resistance, permitting their use on interior or exterior concrete. Applications range from walkways and patios to family room floors and kitchen countertops. They can also be applied to vertical surfaces such as walls or fireplace surrounds.
  • Sealing Exterior - Acrylic sealers are best for outdoor because they allow moisture in the slab to escape, wet look sealers or matte finish. To keep exterior stained surfaces protected, apply a new coat of sealer every year or two, or as necessary.
  • Stamped concrete Restoration - Efflorescence, weathering, dirt and traffic can take their toll on the color of stamped concrete. You can minimize any color change by periodically cleaning and resealing the concrete. Even if the color has faded due to years of neglect or lack of maintenance, it can often be restored to its original state by cleaning and resealing.
  • Epoxy floors - Epoxy coatings can be installed over most clean, properly prepared concrete slabs. By applying a primer first to improve the epoxy/concrete bond. Then the epoxy paint with aggregates or broadcast paint chips. The final step is to apply a sealer, which makes the surface more resistant to water, chemicals, oil, grease, acids, and solvents.
  • Hardscaping Maintenance - Why is it so important to protect natural stone? To preserve the longevity of a natural stone installation it is very important to protect it with a proper sealer and clean it with products designed especially for natural stone. All natural stone surfaces are porous. As long as there is an absorption factor, stone will stain and deteriorate over time. When your stone is properly sealed, the absorbion factor is eliminated.
  • Stone Enhancers - Seal & Enhance is a unique, stain protection and color enhancement, for use on granite, marble, limestone, natural stone, slate, ceramic tile, quarry tile, concrete and grout surfaces. Seal & Enhance will enhance the color and rejuvenate the appearance of tumbled, honed, acid-washed, sandblasted, flamed, textured, even polished stone, concrete and tile surfaces. In addition, Seal & Enhance revitalizes old and worn stone and tile installations. It can be used successfully in both interior and exterior environments and is freeze/thaw resistant.


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