concrete sealing in temecula

Stamped Concrete Reseal in Southern California

The most cost-effective way to protect concrete is to use a concrete sealer.

Without a concrete sealer, the concrete will be vulnerable to damage that could cost incredible amounts of money to repair – as many home and building owners have found out the hard way, it is a lot cheaper and easier to just prevent the damage by using a concrete sealer.

Even if you move into a home or acquire a building that has not ever been sealed, it is not too late.

concrete staining in riverside

Concrete Staining in Southern California

Does your commercial or residential property need a facelift? Is your concrete looking worn or outdated?

You can greatly improve the look of your concrete with concrete staining!!!

Unlike regular paint, concrete stains give a rich, vibrant variation of tones that give your damaged or dull concrete a luxurious appearance.

Scored and Stained concrete

Scored and Stained Concrete

Scoring concrete is essentially cutting a shallow cut into the concrete, which is a perfect option you are looking to add a luxurious appearance to either your existing or new concrete.

These cuts can be used to create the illusion of tile or stone or to “draw” a custom pattern into the concrete. Because these lines are actually cut into the concrete, they are as permanent as the slab itself unless covered.

Scoring is often combined with colored or stained concrete to accentuate the surface pattern.

Concrete Staining