Southern California Concrete Coatings

Patio Concrete Staining
Patio Concrete Staining

Resurface your concrete floors with a concrete coating!

Normally you might think that old and damaged concrete needs to be replaced in order to improve its appearance and fix imperfections but there are more options, such as a new concrete coating.

With a new concrete coating, you don’t need to remove your existing concrete. A concrete coating is a concrete floor. A good coating gives concrete an durable layer of protection against heavy traffic, abrasion, chemicals, and moisture exposure. It also beautifies the surface, simplifies maintenance and improves skid resistance.

We offer a range of options to restore and revitalize your cracked and discolored concrete driveway, walkway, patio, or pool deck. Let us help turn your drab concrete into something beautiful! Our services will help you save time and money.

Decorative Concrete coatings

Applying a new coating on your concrete will enhance the look & durability of concrete floors in your home or workplace.

Coatings work on surfaces new and old! Whether you want to restore old flooring or are looking to enhance new concrete, Concrete coatings will get the job done. concrete coatings work great on old concrete which saves you valuable time and money.


Is your concrete in need of an update due to damage like fading or cracking?

Our concrete coating can get the job done! Clean Krete will revive and regenerate your old, worn out concrete giving it a fresh appearance. We specialize in filling in cracks, chips, dents or unleveled surfaces, resulting in an enhanced and vibrant decorative surface.

Decorative Concrete Overlays

Give your worn concrete a complete makeover! Want to cover up surface imperfections in your concrete once and for all? You can turn your old concrete from drab to fab with Decorative Concrete Overlays in Southern California! With modern and more recent decorative overlays, virtually simple to restore and enhance almost any concrete surface, interior or exterior, at a much cheaper cost than the full concrete removal and replacement. With so many resurfacing products offered along with the diverse array of decorative finishes, the only difficulty in the process would be choosing the type.

Concrete Coatings Service Areas

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