We turn your exterior concrete into something beautiful with professional concrete coatings in Fountain Valley, CA.

If you want your existing concrete to take on a whole new look, you can take advantage of our concrete coatings in Fountain Valley, CA service.

Instead of removing your concrete, we can put a decorative overlay in place to completely change the look of your exterior concrete. This process will make your property look fresh and unique without spending a lot of money.

After Color Seal

You Have Found the Best Company for Concrete Coatings in Fountain Valley, CA

There are other companies you can turn to for Concrete Coatings in Fountain Valley but you will not find a better option than Clean Krete. In other words, we bring many advantages to each job we work on, including:

  • Attention to detail. 
    One of the most important steps in Coatings is ensuring the concrete is clean before we start. If this step is skipped, the coating might not stick to the concrete.
  • High quality products.
    When we choose products there are two main goals:
    • Firstly, finding products that are high quality
    • Secondly, products that are made specifically for the concrete we are working on. 
  • Experience. 
    Most importantly, our team is carefully trained to ensure they provide the best possible services to every customer. You can trust them to get results and to have the attention to detail needed in this job.

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If you need cleaning, staining, repairs, coatings, or restoration for any type of concrete surface in Fountain Valley, CA, please do not hesitate to contact Clean Krete at (866) 607-5550. We will be happy to provide a free quote for the job. Our prices are always fair and competitive and we guarantee the work will be done to your satisfaction

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