Sealing a surface after any floor treatment is crucial.

Regardless of whether the floor is stamped, stained, coated with acrylic or it’s just regular concrete. It serves as a protective layer against damage.Everyone knows that concrete is quite porous, absorbing liquids and dirt easily. This could cause damage from within the slab. With a good layer of sealer, pores are kept closed and covered. It also helps enhance any decorative treatment done on the surface. It enhances colors and adds a bit of shine for a more polished look.

Do you only need to seal your concrete when is new?

Aside from sealing newly resurfaced floors, it is also ideal to reseal previously sealed surfaces. If the floor is not as shiny or polished as it was before, or there are evident signs of moisture or dirt penetrating the surface, then it is time for you to reseal.

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What kind of sealer do I need?

There are different types of sealers. It is important to know the right one to use.

  • Acrylic – This has a life expectancy of up to 3 years, depending on usage, of course. It dries in just a few hours after application.
  • Epoxy – This is made when a resin and a hardener are combined and mixed thoroughly. This is a durable material, resistant to most types of damage. It is important to note that epoxy is not very stable when exposed to UV rays so it is only recommended for indoor use.
  • Penetrating Sealer – From the name itself, it penetrates deep into the slab. This is ideal for outdoor surfaces that experience freeze-thaw cycles. It is also resistant to damage caused by deicing salts. While other sealers create a thin, protective film on the surface, this does not. This way, concrete is able to breathe any moisture vapor out from within.
  • Polyurethane – This material is known to dry really fast, ideal for urgent projects. It is often used on hardworking floors like those in the garage, commercial spaces, industrial establishments, and more.

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