The concrete Staining Cost in Temecula, CA can vary greatly but in general, it will cost about the same to stain your patio, driveway or other outdoor concrete surface. For a basic application of a single stain color with sealer and surface prep, the average charge is between $2.50 and $5 per square foot. As the complexity of the job rises, so will the price. 

What factors should I consider in the Concrete Staining cost In Temecula, CA?

There are many factors in play when budgeting for stained concrete. Here are few things to consider when choosing stained concrete for your home:

The size of the project.
  • Obviously, how big your job is will be a huge determinant to your budget. Most of the time we are able to decrease the price per square foot as you increase the size of your project. 
  • As for smaller jobs, we do have a minimum charge that varies depending of your location.
New vs. Old concrete
  • New concrete is easier to stain and it will often get better results, making it more cost-effective to stain newly installed concrete, rather than staining old concrete that has already been sealed or covered by any other flooring materials.
Concrete previously stained & sealed.
  • Depending on the condition of the concrete there are two options:
    • If the concrete still’s in good shape, we can clean it, touch up the stain and reseal it. This is basically the maintenance of your stained concrete.
    • If the concrete is in bad shape the best thing to do is remove the paint/stain and sealer to re-do everything from the beginning.
      There are 3 options to remove the stain & sealer: sandblasting, chemical stripping or grinding. Each one has a different cost and efficiency. 

Patio Concrete Staining in Temecula, CA

  • Adding a design to the concrete, new borders or anything that requires saw cutting or grinding on your concrete staining project can modify the final cost.
  • The sealer you use protects your stained surface for years to come. After creating your incredible design, make sure that it’s properly protected.   
  • There is a wide variety of sealers in the market and each could have a different application. Some of them are more complicated to apply, leading to a different cost to your project.
  • After the concrete has been stained and sealed, we recommend concrete maintenance every 18 months (clean, retouch the stain and reseal).
  • Depending on the way the concrete was poured and finished it’s possible that there are some areas on the concrete that cannot be completely covered with concrete staining. If that’s the case, we offer some other options like Color Seal, which covers the concrete evenly.

Why should I stain my concrete in Temecula, CA? 

While you could opt for wood or tile flooring, stained concrete offers almost limitless choices that are more budget-friendly than other materials. And it’s not just installation costs you should consider. Consider, also, the maintenance and upkeep of other flooring materials. 

Stained concrete that is properly sealed and maintained can last for decades and rarely needs to be replaced. Unlike other flooring materials, stained concrete will not tear or be gouged. It is not vulnerable to mold or water damage either. If the stained surface wears after time, it can often be brought back to life with some touch up staining and reapplication of a protective sealer.

What is the process for staining concrete in Temecula, CA?

When you decide to stain your concrete, there are several steps involved in ensuring your project turns out gorgeous. 

  1. The surface must be cleaned and prepared. 
  2. The stain is applied.    
    • It’s always a good idea to test the stain on the concrete you are using, as the color may turn out different. Stain penetrates the surface, making it difficult to change the color. That’s why you want to get it right the first time. 
  3. The sealer is applied and you now have a fabulous looking slab of concrete.

Driveway Concrete Staining in Temecula, CA

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