+15 years of experience on concrete staining in Huntington Beach

There is no need for you to look any further, at Clean Krete we have the experience that allows us to offer you the best options to improve your concrete. It does not matter if it is a patio, a pool deck, and driveway or any exterior concrete, we use the best products and processes for concrete staining in Huntington Beach.

Why remove your concrete when you can stain it?

You might think that the only option to make your concrete look better is to remove and pour new concrete but if you are looking for the ultimate in long-lasting and durable color, concrete staining is the way to go. Because concrete stain doesn’t just sit on the surface of the concrete, but actually penetrates into the pores of the concrete to some degree, your color is not going to peel, chip, or flake.

We also seal the stained concrete to protect it from water, oil and chemicals. The sealers that we use can also help to slow the abrasion damage from heavy usage trough the years. 

Concrete Staining

We make ordinary exterior concrete extraordinary with professional concrete staining in Huntington Beach.

Would you love to replace your driveway, patio, or pool deck, but can’t spare the time or money for such a big project? You can transform that boring concrete quickly and affordably with concrete staining in Huntington Beach from Clean Krete. Concrete stain comes in a wide variety of shades that can be used to add deep, dimensional color to concrete. You can trust Clean Krete to guide you to the best products for your needs and ensure they are applied carefully and correctly

Can I Use Concrete Staining to Color Old Concrete?

Yes. In fact, concrete staining in is an excellent way to enhance the appearance of older concrete. The key to staining older concrete is to get the surface as clean and perfect as possible before applying the stain. This helps promote even color. You can rely on Clean Krete for thorough and effective cleaning. We offer stain removal as well as pressure washing to remove ground-in dirt and mildew from concrete. Keep in mind that any wear and tear on your older concrete will show through the translucent stain, but this only serves to add more character and interest.

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