We turn your exterior concrete into something beautiful with professional concrete staining in San Diego, CA.

Are you tired of looking out over a plain and boring gray expanse of concrete at your home or business?  Concrete staining in San Diego from Clean Krete is what you need. Concrete staining creates rich, translucent tones you just can’t get with paint or epoxy coatings. We use only the high quality products for consistently beautiful results.

Not Convinced You Need Concrete Staining?

If you believe that you can simply clean your floors once in a while and they will be fine, then we have news for you. While they may look great for a few years, eventually they will become stained. Eventually they will start looking dinghy and dirty. This is in part due to the large pores of these types of floors. When you invest in Concrete Staining in San Diego, one of the results will be smaller pores. That means less staining and less dirt and dust debris.

Can I Use Concrete Staining to Color Old Concrete?

Yes. In fact, concrete staining in is an excellent way to enhance the appearance of older concrete. The key to staining older concrete is to get the surface as clean and perfect as possible before applying the stain. You can rely on Clean Krete for thorough and effective cleaning. We offer stain removal as well as pressure washing to remove ground-in dirt and mildew from concrete.

Keep in mind that any wear and tear on your older concrete will show through the translucent stain, but this only serves to add more character and interest.

You Have Found the Best Company for Concrete Staining in San Diego, CA

There are other companies you can turn to for Concrete Staining in San Diego but you will not find a better option than Clean Krete. We bring many advantages to each job we work on, including:

  • Attention to detail. One of the most important steps in Concrete Staining is ensuring the concrete is clean before we start. If this step is skipped, dirt and stains can get trapped under the stain and the results will be less than perfect. We will get rid of dirt, dust, and treat stains before we begin the staining process.
  • High quality products. When we choose products there are two main goals: Finding products that are high quality and products that are made specifically for the concrete we are working on. 
  • Experience. Every one on our team is carefully trained to ensure they provide the best possible services to every customer. You can trust them to get results and to have the attention to detail needed in this job.

Call Now for a Free Quote

If you need cleaning, staining, repairs, or restoration for any type of concrete surface in San Diego, please do not hesitate to contact Clean Krete at (866) 607-5550. We will be happy to provide a free quote for the job. Our prices are always fair and competitive and we guarantee the work will be done to your satisfaction