Do you need concrete paint and/or sealer removal?

Concrete Paint and/or Sealer Removal is a meticulous process designed to rejuvenate and restore the beauty of concrete surfaces.

  • Removing Concrete Paint or Stain

    When it comes to removing paint or stain, the goal is to eliminate layers that may have become discolored, worn, or outdated. Clean Krete employs advanced techniques such as sandblasting, chemical stripping, and grinding to precisely target and remove unwanted coatings, ensuring a clean and even surface.

  • Removing Concrete Sealer

    On the other hand, the removal of sealers involves stripping away protective layers that shield the concrete from moisture, stains, and wear.

The difference lies in the nature of the substances being removed—paints and stains contribute to the aesthetic appeal, while sealers are protective barriers.

Clean Krete’s expertise extends to carefully assessing each project, choosing the most suitable method, and delivering results that not only enhance the appearance of the concrete but also preserve its structural integrity. Whether it’s about revealing the natural beauty of the concrete beneath or preparing the surface for a new application, our team ensures a tailored and effective approach to meet the unique needs of every project.

Concrete Paint and/or Sealer Removal Offered Services

1. Sandblasting: Our state-of-the-art sandblasting techniques ensure efficient removal of paint and sealer layers, leaving your concrete surfaces revitalized.

2. Chemical Stripping: Tailored chemical stripping methods break down and remove coatings without compromising the integrity of your concrete.

3. Grinding: High-quality grinding equipment is employed to smooth and rejuvenate surfaces, providing a clean and polished finish.

Serving Areas

Chino Hills
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Before and After Paint and/or Sealer Removal

Concrete before sandblasting Concrete after sandblasting

Frequently Asked Questions on Concrete Paint and Sealer Removal

The primary purpose is to restore and rejuvenate concrete surfaces by removing existing paint and sealer layers, preparing the surface for refinishing or additional treatments.

Signs include peeling or flaking paint, discoloration, or an uneven appearance. A professional assessment by Clean Krete can determine the most appropriate removal method.

Yes, but our prioritizes cleanliness and employs methods that minimize mess as possible. We take precautions and do our best to protect surrounding areas and ensure a tidy workspace.

The duration varies based on the size of the project and the chosen removal method. Clean Krete aims for efficient completion without compromising on quality.

Surface preparation is a crucial step after removal. Clean Krete ensures the surface is ready for any future applications, providing guidance on the optimal timing for refinishing.

We recommend restaining and/or resealing the concrete to extend the life of your concrete surfaces, ensuring they remain in optimal condition.

Why Choose Clean Krete?

  • Expertise: Years of industry experience make Clean Krete a trusted name in concrete restoration.

  • Customization: Tailored services to meet your specific design preferences and requirements.

  • Cutting-Edge Technology: Investing in the latest technology and quality products for superior and lasting results.

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